vCloud – VM/vApp Creation

1.      Log in to vCloud

See Accessing vCloud Director for more information on logging into vCloud.


2.      Add New vApp From Catalog

Navigate to My Cloud, and select the green plus symbol to “Add vApp from catalog”.


3.      Select vApp Template

Drop the “Look In” dropdown to display “Public Catalogs”, and select “All Templates” below that to display all available templates.


4.      Select Name and Location

Name the vApp and select the vDC for the appropriate client.


5.      Configure Resources

Name the VM and select the Storage Policy. The Storage Policy determines the performance and snapshot rules for that VM’s hard disk. This was configured when the vDC was provisioned by GreenCloud. Storage may be changed or added to a vDC by contacting GreenCloud Support.



6.      Configure Networking

Name the computer (Hostname) and select the network to attach to the NIC on creation. If an Org VDC network has not yet been created, leave the dropdown on “None”. Otherwise select the Org VDC network for the client.


7.      Customize Hardware

Enter the resources for the VM per the necessary for operation. All GreenCloud VMs operate under the Allocation model, which means that the entire VDC is given a CPU speed (e.g. 12 GHz, or six 2GHz CPUs), and that speed is spread across all VMs. Your CPU and RAM settings may not exceed the allocated limits. See below for a VM with six CPUs at 2GHz each, 4GB RAM, and 40GB HDD space. Please double-check the total disk allocation for the vDC before continuing as the total allocation cannot be exceeded, and VM deployment will fail.



8.      Finalize VM Creation

Finalize the creation of the VM from the next screen. Verify that all resources are correct and select “Finish”.

The creation process will take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Once the vApp has been created, before powering on, select “VMs” from the left-hand bar, right-click and select “Properties” to view the VM properties. Ensure all hardware settings are correct before powering on.


9.      Guest OS Customization

Please review the Guest OS Customization section of the VM Management article before powering on the VM.


10. VM Creation Complete

The VM is now available for use. Please note that networking will need to be set up either through the client’s Edge Gateway or their ASAv to allow network traffic out of the VDC. If something prevents the vApp from powering on, please see the VM Management article, or contact GreenCloud support.

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