vCloud – Creating Users and Managing Permissions

 1.      Log in to vCloud

See Accessing vCloud Director for more information on logging into vCloud.


2.      Navigate to Users

Select the Administration tab, and select Users from the Members drop down on the left.


3.      Creating a New User

Select the green “Plus” symbol shown above to create a new user. The New User dialog to the right is an example of an Organization Administrator, which includes permissions to perform networking changes as well as full catalog and vApp permissions.


4.      Removing a User

To remove a user, first right-click on that user’s entry in the Users section and select Disable. Then right-click and select Delete. Always transfer that user’s objects when prompted in order to retain access to all vApps and VMs.


5.      Permissions and Roles

User accounts may be restricted access to specific vApps or Catalogs by right clicking the object and choosing the Share option. Incorrect configurations limiting Org users from a certain resource may be resolved by contacting GreenCloud support. Default Roles exist to limit user access within the Org. Customized Roles may be requested by contacting GreenCloud support.



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