vCloud – Catalog Management

Viewing Catalog Contents

The vCloud Catalog contains all digital media accessible to an Org. This may include media such as VM Images (OVA or OVF), and disk images (ISO). To view the Org Catalog, navigate to the Catalogs tab and select My Organization’s Catalogs.

These catalogs can be created using the green plus symbol. Catalogs can be used to organize different types of vApp images and ISO images. Select the Media & Other tab in order to view ISO disk images.


Adding Content to Catalog

To add content to an Org Catalog, double-click that catalog in the “My Organization’s Catalogs” view.

Then use the Upload button (the hard drive symbol with the green arrow) in order to begin a Client Integration Plug-in upload. Please see Importing VMs from Images for more information on Client Integration Plug-In Requirements. Once the upload is complete, the media will be accessible from the Org Catalog.

Please note that vApp and ISO images in the Catalog take up vDC Storage space.


Mounting Media to VMs

ISO images in the Org Catalog can be mounted to active VMs. Navigate to My Cloud, then select VMs from the left-hand bar. Right-click on a VM and select “Insert CD/DVD from Catalog…” as shown below:

All available media in both the Org Catalog and the Public Catalog (GreenCloud’s Public media) will appear. To select the relevant ISO image, type the name into the upper-right hand search bar and click the blue refresh arrow.

Only the relevant media will be left. Select an ISO and click Insert. Once the VM is ready the ISO will appear as a CD drive on the VM. Please note that GreenCloud defaults to booting to hard disk. Please use the “Enter BIOS Setup” check box in VM General Properties to boot to an ISO image.

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