Shay Houser

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Shay-HouserAs a veteran of the telecommunications industry, Shay has served as a senior executive with a variety of organizations. He is also experienced on the foundational side of the industry as both an entrepreneur and an investor.

Upon graduating from The Citadel in 1991 and working in various sales support, product management, and corporate development roles with nationwide long distance resellers, Shay co-founded Seruus Ventures, LLC, a venture capital company specializing in telecommunications services investments.

He later co-founded TriVergent, an integrated communications company which merged with Gabriel Communications to form NuVox. After Shay grew the company to over $30 million in annual revenue with 250 employees, NuVox was sold to Windstream. Shay also founded and sold UCI Communications, LLC—a multi-million dollar technology integrator—to Black Box (NASDAQ: BBOX) in April, 2008.

Green Cloud Technologies is the direct culmination of Shay’s experience and the vision he developed as a result.