Testimonials and Case Studies

No one speaks to success better than those who have succeeded. Many of Green Cloud’s partners have major success stories of their own, and we’re proud to have been a part.

Here’s what they have to say about being a Green Cloud partner…

Partner: Primeline Communications

Jerry Nalley, Tabernacle Christian Ministries

“We set up servers out in the cloud and began to redo our school computer lab. Worked marvelously! It’s just unbelievable the improvement Green Cloud made to our school computer lab.”

Partner: Stasmayer, Inc.

David Stasaitis, Stasmayer, Inc.

“They got the peace of mind of the redundancy that’s inherent with the cloud and the operational efficiency and not having to worry about another possible failure.”

Brian Heffner, Enterprise Technologies

Green Cloud simply does what they say they will do, when they say it will be done and they have great customer service!”

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Partner: Enterprise Technologies

Scott Patterson, Core Financial Resources

“I sleep so much better at night knowing that they are maintaining my mission critical equipment. I highly recommend Green Cloud.”

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Partner: Primeline Communications

Mark McQueen, Virtual Image Technology

“Green Cloud’s expandable environment provides my company a vehicle to ramp up very quickly minus the burden.”

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Partner: Primeline Communications

Henry Dingle, SC811

“Green Cloud’s solution is simple and it works. I also liked the fact that they guaranteed their solution and gave us a chance to test the solution.”

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Partner: Blue Oak Networks