Cisco Powered IaaS

Green Cloud’s Cisco Powered cloud infrastructure solutions are the industry standard for cloud and managed services. The flexibility and scalability of our Infrastructure as a Service solutions enable you to quickly adapt to business growth, create more revenue opportunities, and demonstrate the value of the cloud vs. legacy on-premise solutions.

Public Cloud

The greatest level of efficiency in shared resources makes this an obvious choice for most SME clients.

  • Assigned storage, CPU, memory, and network bandwidth
  • High availability, performance, and security

Private Cloud

Maintain your clients’ data, services, and infrastructure on a dedicated, individually-managed cloud network.

  • Highest levels of security and control
  • Several standard ESXi host configurations available

Hybrid Cloud

Deploy a blended public/private cloud solution tailored to the multipurpose needs of your clients.

  • Public cloud fosters open communication and collaboration
  • Private cloud secures confidential data from unauthorized use