Tips & Tricks


How do I determine bandwidth requirements for DaaS? Determine the type of users you have. Then perform the calculation below...
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Downloadable Service Guides

This page will include links to published service documentation. Please note that all information contained in these guides should also...
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Green Cloud Partner Resources

Below is a list of Green Cloud’s resources for new and current partners. Green Cloud Portal – Request Green...
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Green Cloud Data Center Locations and Ping Test Addresses

Atlanta, GA: QTS Greenville, SC: Immedion Houston, TX: CyrusOne Nashville, TN: Flexential Phoenix, AZ: IO
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Common Cloud Acronyms

Below are definitions for some common terminology and jargon associated with Cloud Services and Hosting. Please contact us with any...
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IDS, IPS, or UTM Deployment in IaaS

IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), and UTM (Unified Thread Management) appliances are growing rapidly in popularity as...
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